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California Recovery

California Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab program that has helped more than 5,000 women and men find the road to recovery. We offer the most affordable drug and alcohol rehab in southern California.

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Located in Southern California, our program provides a place to begin for the alcoholic and addict who has grown tired of a destructive, demoralizing way of life.

Built on the concept of one alcoholic helping another, California Recovery treatments provide a complete drug solution including Detox, Residential Treatment, Transitional Living and long-term Sober Living. Many of our residents choose to stay for a year or longer.

The California Recovery treatment program helps the alcoholic and drug addict through 12-step recovery. We offer an intense residential program, based on the 12-steps, with structured meetings, assignments and daily group and individual counseling.

Our program includes:
30 to 90 Day Residential Treatment
Structured Program
Group Counseling
Individual Counseling
Located Close to 12-Step Meetings, Stores & Work Opportunities
Located Close to Beaches and Parks
Sober Softball & Volleyball Teams
Beautiful Sober Living Homes
Puppy Therapy
Intervention Services
Family Groups
Large Alumni Association