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Accidental Drug Overdose

Not every overdose that leads to a stay in a Southern California detox center is an overdose that was done on purpose. In fact, in many cases the overdose is accidental and may or may not be a sign of addiction. However, even if it isn’t a sign of addiction, an accidental overdose is still a clear sign that steps need to be taken to monitor drug usage.

Drug rehab California

Prescription Medicines

Some people do abuse their prescription medications, while others may take more than they need to on accident. Either one is likely to build up a tolerance over time, but the person who is abusing the medication will want to push that tolerance in an effort to take it to another level. The individual who is using their medication correctly may have simply forgotten they already took a dose or may be trying to take more then prescribed in an effort to combat the tolerance.

Recreational Drugs

Many of the people who seek out Southern California detox services after an overdose are those who abuse recreational drugs. It’s easy to overdose on these drugs since the main purpose is to get “high” in the first place. They take enough to get a buzz, but then they might take more later on, without being rational about the quantity they have already taken or the dangers that they are facing.

Another issue with recreational drugs is that the user doesn’t really know what they are taking. It isn’t just about the active chemicals, either, but what they are cut with. Since there are no measured active ingredients, an overdose might be a simple matter of taking more than usual because the amount of active ingredients is different from the last time they took it.

No matter how you slice it, an overdose is a clear sign that help is needed. Contact a detox center near you today for more information.