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Addiction Signs

- Your loved one comes home at irregular times.

- You notice someone is often awake in the middle of the night.

- Strangers come to visit; sometimes they stay the night.

- When the phone rings and you answer, it often hangs up.

- Bottles of alcohol seem to disappear in your house.

- Too many “sick” days or “late to work”.

- The bathroom is often not available for long periods of

- Leaving the house and returning increases on a daily

- You smell alcohol in the house early in the day.

- You are asked to lend money more frequently.

- Loans are rarely returned.

- Beds are no longer made, laundry is not done and
clothes are not put away.

- Dinner is skipped “I’m not hungry”or “Leave me alone”
is a frequent response.

- Trips for store, errands, friends, are increasing.

- Isolation in the bedroom is increasing.

- Personal hygiene is becoming problem, fewer showers
for example.

- Erratic behavior is a problem: sometimes loving &
sometimes angry.

- Is someone drinking on a daily basis in your home.

- Do you suspect drugs are used in your home?

California Recovery currently has seven houses and 75 beds located in Costa Mesa and Santa Ana Heights

We give any woman a bed for the night without charge.

We accept court-directed women and men from
Probation, Parole, and Drug Court

We offer programs from 10 days to one year in both
Residential and Outpatient Treatment

Our house was founded originally to provide a place and plan for indigent women who suffer from the disease of alcoholism and/or drug addiction.

Our primary purpose is to help them stay sober. Currently,
we have a one-year program expanded into five additional houses which serve women and men in their first steps in recovery.

Yellowstone is a first-step house dedicated to helping alcoholics and addicts begin their journey toward recovery.