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Alcohol and Drug Self-Evaluation

If you have considered looking into a low cost drug rehab, it may be time to sit back and consider some of your recent actions to determine if you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Drug and/or alcohol abuse is never healthy, but it doesn’t always indicate addiction. If you read over the things here and determine that you don’t have an addiction, it’s still time to make a change in your situation before that answer changes.

Changes in Integrity

Have you done things to get drugs, or because you have drugs or alcohol, that you wouldn’t normally do? Are you getting waves of memories that make you cringe? You might even be hiding things from people from whom you don’t normally hide anything, simply because you don’t want them to know the extent of your use. Changes in your integrity are strong signs that there is a problem, whether it has to do with drugs and alcohol or not.

Increased Tolerance

An increase in your tolerance levels doesn’t necessarily mean you are addicted, but it is a sure sign that you are on your way to addiction. Your body has become so used to the drug or alcohol that you require more than you used to in order to get the high you require. This will continue to happen until you go down the other side of the hill or find that you are never able to reach that point again.

If you think you are showing some of the signs of addiction, or potential addiction, contact a local low-cost drug rehab to learn about evaluations and programs that might be right for you.

Low cost drug rehab