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Are Meth Lab Injuries on the Rise?

Meth is a common addiction in every rehab. Southern California is no different, but addiction isn’t the only issue with this extremely harmful drug. Many people try to make the drug on their own, and end up injuring themselves and others, including emergency responders and children. The laws regarding the chemicals involved in making this drug have changed significantly over the years. Rather than reducing incidents overall, those laws may have led to more injuries.

General Statistic

Between the years of 2001 and 2004, there was an overall increase in meth-related injuries. Then, in 2005, some of the laws changed, and it became more difficult to get hold of the chemicals needed to make meth. Subsequently, the number of injuries went down. In 2008, the numbers started rising again, as people found innovative ways to find the necessary chemicals again and, in some cases, one state’s numbers went down while the neighboring state’s numbers went up because people simply went somewhere else to make the drug.

Manner of Injuries

It’s important to note that the type of injuries have changed significantly with the different processes used. Now that more people are using the “shake and bake” method with plastic 2 liter bottles, fewer eye irritants are found, but more chemical burns have been reported. In fact, the number of eye irritant incidents, as well as the number of respiratory incidents, have decreased overall, but the number of chemical-caused thermal injuries have gone up significantly. If anything, this shows that people are still making meth, but they may be taking superficial precautions. Essentially, they may be wearing masks and goggles, but that doesn’t prevent a chemical burn when there is an explosion.

If you suspect someone you know is making meth, contact the authorities or one of the rehab centers in southern California. It may be your own life you save.

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