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If you have a loved one who has made the decision to enter one of the rehab centers in Southern California, you may play a crucial role in their recovery. It isn’t easy to come to the understanding that something has a power over you. It can feel humiliating and shameful, and very lonely. Now is the time for your loved one to know, without question, that your love is unconditional and that they aren’t alone.

Respect the Blackout

Maybe you breathed a sigh of relief when your loved one walked in the door to a rehab center. You thought the nightmare might be over, and you are anxious to hear all about their progress. Hold off on that. Many rehab centers employ blackout days when the addict is not in contact with the outside world. This is done on purpose so that they can focus only on themselves without the worries that they experience daily.

It’s also good for the loved ones on the outside, because you are the people who spend so much time worrying about the addict. It’s time to take your own inventory and discover some of the adjustments you might need to make to help them as well as yourself.

Be Encouraging

Once the blackout period is over, it’s important that you try to help the addict move forward. This may be a somewhat painful process that involves family or personal counseling. Just remember that dealing with these issues is the road to recovery for your loved one. Be sure to let them know that you love them no matter what, and you are with them all the way, even when all of the rehab centers in Southern California are a memory.

For more information about helping support a loved one during rehab, reach out to the addiction specialists at California Recovery today.

Rehab centers in Southern California

Every person who ever walks into a Southern California drug rehab is wondering the same thing. They want to know if rehab is the answer for them and if this might be the last time they have to make this trip, whether it’s their first or their tenth time. For those people, the answer is a resounding “yes,” but it takes far more than just walking in the door.

Benefits of Rehab

One of the most important benefits of rehab is that it allows the addict to get away from an environment that drives or enables them to use drugs or alcohol. Without those things available to them, it’s much easier to look for other coping skills. It’s also much easier to see the influence that the environment has on their lives. All of that comes right after the first step, which is detoxing from drugs and alcohol. That particular step should always be done with medical supervision.

Beyond the Chemicals

Every person who uses chemicals does so for their own reason, but there always is a reason. Rehab is about far more than just getting the chemicals out of the system, learning new coping skills, and developing new daily habits. It’s a chance to look at the core of the problem.

With sobriety, coupled with people who can help guide the addict through the process, the addict can reflect on whatever the issues are that they are running from. Until those issues are dealt with, they will always cause some kind of negative reactions for the individual. The point of a Southern California rehab center is to help cut away all of the static that keeps the addict from taking a closer look at these ongoing problems and face them head on.

Southern California drug rehab

When it comes to choosing the right rehab center for your needs, inpatient vs. outpatient is one of the most important choices you have to make. For the most part, rehab centers in Southern California offer both inpatient and outpatient services, but there are appropriate times and scenarios for each one.

Detox and Medical Assistance

Detox is the first step of living a sober life. It can also feel like the most difficult one. Medically speaking, it certainly is the most taxing on the body. In fact, this is a difficult period for addicts not just because they think about using, but because they don’t want to suffer through the physical distress of detox. Because of this, detox is best managed by an inpatient facility. The staff there is familiar with the medical needs and issues during this time and can not only offer medical consultation, but can also monitor the addict for medical issues that need to be addressed

Learning New Habits

Every Southern California detox program has some sort of coping skill system involved. The problem is that if the patient goes to an outpatient program too quickly, they will have missed the chance to practice those skills before they were in a position where they had to use them. Inpatient programs give the patient a chance to learn new habits and focus on their own needs before they are out in the world trying to manage things like jobs, challenging people, and tasks that may be triggers for them.

To learn whether inpatient or outpatient drug rehab is right for you, reach out to the addiction specialists at California Recovery today.

Outpatient Drug RehabOutpatient Drug Rehab

Not every rehab center is the same. There are a lot of elements to take into consideration before choosing the one that’s right for you. For example, rehab centers in Southern California offer more than the average rehab in terms of location and amenities, yet have all of the elements that detox centers and other rehabs in the northern states have as well. The weather and landscaping alone can significantly impact the positive outcome of a user’s experience at a Southern California detox center.

Mood and Weather

It’s no secret that the cold season can cause depression for many people. Couple that with addiction, and you have a recipe for disaster. On top of it all, it’s hard to get outside and keep active if you aren’t in a warm climate. Sometimes, the sun on your face makes all the difference when it comes to maintaining a positive attitude during rehab.

Realistic Scenarios

When you are somewhere where the weather allows you to be outside and active, you can develop more positive habits. Since addicts may have developed negative habits while they were using, it’s important for them to learn how to stay sober even when the environment makes it easy to use. Being in a rehab center while it’s nice outside means that you can learn new hobbies and have the support you need while you develop these interests.

While the weather isn’t everything when it comes to a rehab center, rehab centers in Southern California really do offer the best opportunity for growth. Clients can sit outside and think about their lives, go for a walk, take in some scenery, and learn how to manage their lives sober, all while staying in an affordable rehab center that is focused on their personal development and lifelong sobriety.

Drug rehab center California

If you have considered looking into a low cost drug rehab, it may be time to sit back and consider some of your recent actions to determine if you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Drug and/or alcohol abuse is never healthy, but it doesn’t always indicate addiction. If you read over the things here and determine that you don’t have an addiction, it’s still time to make a change in your situation before that answer changes.

Changes in Integrity

Have you done things to get drugs, or because you have drugs or alcohol, that you wouldn’t normally do? Are you getting waves of memories that make you cringe? You might even be hiding things from people from whom you don’t normally hide anything, simply because you don’t want them to know the extent of your use. Changes in your integrity are strong signs that there is a problem, whether it has to do with drugs and alcohol or not.

Increased Tolerance

An increase in your tolerance levels doesn’t necessarily mean you are addicted, but it is a sure sign that you are on your way to addiction. Your body has become so used to the drug or alcohol that you require more than you used to in order to get the high you require. This will continue to happen until you go down the other side of the hill or find that you are never able to reach that point again.

If you think you are showing some of the signs of addiction, or potential addiction, contact a local low-cost drug rehab to learn about evaluations and programs that might be right for you.

Low cost drug rehab

Traveling can be difficult when you are trying to stay sober if you don’t take a few precautions. This is especially true if the people you travel with aren’t trying to stay sober. Most affordable drug rehab centers will give you plenty of tools to use as coping skills, but you may need a little something extra. Try some of the tips below.

Research AA or NA Meetings

With more than 100,000 AA meetings in the world, you are bound to be able to find one that is located near your destination. Learn the hours and address before you go so that you don’t have to worry about the details of research once you reach your destination. If there truly isn’t one nearby, don’t forget about the online meetings made just for occasions such as this. Give your sponsor a call, as well, and feel free to communicate your concerns to him or her before you go on your trip.

Use an Itinerary

When you are armed with a plan, you are less likely to feel overwhelmed and take a step that leads you in the wrong direction. Create an itinerary before you leave so that there isn’t any downtime when you might be tempted to visit the local pub or some other area you shouldn’t.

Talk with your counselor at one of the affordable drug rehab centers. You can get tips specific to your addiction, personality, and destination. If you just want to go on a trip without worrying about any of that, book a sober vacation with like-minded people.

Affordable drug rehab

Seeing a college student in a Southern California detox center isn’t all that uncommon. After all, the college experience often involves experimentation and partying. Today, that can be more dangerous than ever, as new ways of using drugs and new drugs themselves are constantly arriving on the scene. That’s why it’s important to get creative about educating college students on the dangers of drug abuse.

Make Drug Awareness Part of the Educational Experience

Drug awareness can be a part of just about any class. Take a computer science class, for example. Students can create graphs, forums, and applications to help others understand and avoid drug use. In this way, the students get to see the raw facts, but they don’t have to sit through a lecture about them.

Promote Clean Living

The more you tell someone not to do something, the more they seem to want to do it. Instead of putting the focus on drug use and how they shouldn’t be a part of it, put the focus on activities that don’t involve drugs. You might even offer scholarships for those who are involved in anti-drug activities. The key here is to make a lack of drug use far more appealing than drug use.

Open the Door

Raising awareness is great, but the students also need a place to go when they feel pressure to use drugs or have a current drug problem. Make sure you have an open door policy that students can use to manage these issues. You might even consider an alliance with rehab centers in Southern California or other areas.

Southern California drug detox

The United States has experienced an alarming rate of growth when it comes to heroin and opioid addiction. In fact, rehab centers in Southern California are filling up at an alarming rate because of the amount of people who overdose on prescription drugs, and opioids in particular. Residents of the United States have called in the government to do something about the problem, and the President responded with gusto.

$1.1 Billion for Opioid Addiction Treatment

Because 28,648 people died in 2014 in opioid related deaths, the President decided it was time to set aside significant funds to help address the growing problem. Specifically, he set aside $1.1 billion for the 2017 fiscal year to further the use of Naloxone, develop more evidence-based prevention programs, more closely monitor prescription drug use, and host take-back events.

Rural Focus

The problem of heroin and opioid abuse is growing in larger numbers in rural areas than anywhere else. That’s why the President has not only allotted the states $500 million to address the issue, but has called for more focus in rural areas in those states. It will also be possible for physician assistants and nurse practitioners to prescribe the drug that helps with opioid addiction: buprenorphine.

The important thing is that the issue is being addressed by more than just rehab centers in Southern California. These funds will help expand existing programs and offer treatment to those who aren’t currently eligible. Hopefully, the next step will be to educate more people on pain management methods so that opioid use isn’t so common in the first place.

Rehab centers in Southern California

Are you trying to avoid having a loved one have to spend some time in a drug rehab center? California does have some great drug rehab centers, but no one really wants to see a loved one take it this far. Instead, it’s a good idea to just try to watch for the common signs of drug abuse so that you can take care of the problem before it’s too late.

Behavioral Changes

One of the first things you will notice is a change in behavior. Your loved one may feel guilty about the drug use, and this may make them avoid loved ones or lie to them about simple things. It isn’t that they suddenly developed a habit of lying. It’s that those simple things may have an indirect relationship with the drug abuse, like time that is unaccounted for. You may also notice changes in some of the areas listed below:

  • Hygiene
  • Diet
  • Sleeping habits
  • Motivation
  • Change in priorities
  • Change in social patterns

Drug rehab center California

Emotional Changes

When the chemicals in the body are being adjusted, it often causes some emotional fluctuations. Sometimes this is due to the chemicals themselves. Other times, it is due to an internal conflict concerning the use of drugs. The individual may be more easily upset, cry more often, or may go in the opposite direction and shut down completely. This is especially true if the individual is a minor. Children are already on an emotional roller coaster. When they have the added issue of drug use, it amplifies their emotions so that they can’t always control them, or they shut down to avoid dealing with emotions they don’t know how to handle.

If you suspect a loved one is dealing with drug abuse, consider contacting a Southern California detox center today.

Not every overdose that leads to a stay in a Southern California detox center is an overdose that was done on purpose. In fact, in many cases the overdose is accidental and may or may not be a sign of addiction. However, even if it isn’t a sign of addiction, an accidental overdose is still a clear sign that steps need to be taken to monitor drug usage.

Drug rehab California

Prescription Medicines

Some people do abuse their prescription medications, while others may take more than they need to on accident. Either one is likely to build up a tolerance over time, but the person who is abusing the medication will want to push that tolerance in an effort to take it to another level. The individual who is using their medication correctly may have simply forgotten they already took a dose or may be trying to take more then prescribed in an effort to combat the tolerance.

Recreational Drugs

Many of the people who seek out Southern California detox services after an overdose are those who abuse recreational drugs. It’s easy to overdose on these drugs since the main purpose is to get “high” in the first place. They take enough to get a buzz, but then they might take more later on, without being rational about the quantity they have already taken or the dangers that they are facing.

Another issue with recreational drugs is that the user doesn’t really know what they are taking. It isn’t just about the active chemicals, either, but what they are cut with. Since there are no measured active ingredients, an overdose might be a simple matter of taking more than usual because the amount of active ingredients is different from the last time they took it.

No matter how you slice it, an overdose is a clear sign that help is needed. Contact a detox center near you today for more information.