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Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol Dependency

Are you or a family member struggling with alcohol dependency? There are several terms that may be used to describe the dependency upon alcohol; sometimes it’s referred to as alcohol abuse, alcoholism, alcohol addiction or even something else. The bottom line is that they all regard a person’s dependent behavior with alcohol.


Often, a person can fool themselves into believing that they don’t fit entirely into one of the molds that is used to define these terms. When this happens, the person who is addicted to alcohol can be certain that they are trying to justify their actions through semantics. The fact is that alcohol addiction will never end without taking significant steps to change both lifestyle and mentality. Let that be the leading concept that guides you to a place where you seek treatment for your relationship to alcohol.


California Recovery is a Southern California treatment center offering affordable care for alcohol dependency. If you’re ready to come to terms with your problem with alcohol, California Recovery can help.


Alcohol dependency doesn’t just affect your life, although if that were the case, it would be worth gaining power over and conquering. It’s equally important to note that the relationship between you and alcohol affects the lives of all those around you- family members, friends, loved ones, co-workers, etc. 


Overcoming alcohol dependency alone is a near impossible feat. Left to their own devices, alcoholics do not overcome, they fall farther down into the depths that they have created.


California Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab program that has helped more than 5,000 men and women find recovery through the most affordable program available in SoCal. For the alcoholic or addict who has grown tired of a destructive and demoralizing way of life, California Recovery is a place to begin, and is built on the concept of one alcoholic helping another. California Recovery treatments are a complete solution that include: Detox, Residential Treatment, Transitional Living, Long-Term Sober Living, and more. Many residents who come in with alcohol dependency choose to stay for a year or longer.


The California Recovery treatment program offers a 12-step program for the alcoholic and drug addict. Their intense residential program is based on the traditional 12 steps, with structured meetings, assignments and daily group and individual counseling. You won’t find a more inclusive alcohol dependency program anywhere. It includes:


- 30 to 90 Day Residential Treatment

- Structured Program

- Group Counseling

- Individual Counseling

- Located Close to 12-Step Meetings, Stores & Work Opportunities

- Located Close to Beaches and Parks

- Sober Softball & Volleyball Teams

- Beautiful Sober Living Homes

- Puppy Therapy

- Intervention Services

- Family Groups

- Large Alumni Association


What’s keeping you from calling? There’s only one way up, and that’s through the help of a treatment program geared toward your complete recovery. Contact someone from California Recovery right now by calling 888-941-9048. You’ll never regret the decision to reach out and get that very important assistance on your journey to finding freedom from addiction.

California Recovery
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Alcohol Dependency Alcohol Dependency