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Alcohol Drug Rehab

Alcohol Drug Rehab

Freedom from addiction. Does that sound like something too wonderful to be an option to you? Does it sound like a fool’s dream? A life free of addiction is available to you and all you have to do is take the first step toward recovery. Call California Recovery now at 888-941-9048.


Are you searching for an affordable alcohol and drug rehab center? Whether you’re dealing with addiction or have a loved one who is addicted, it’s essential that you seek treatment. If you think your spouse or other family member is suffering with an addiction but are not certain, take a look at the common signs of addiction that will help you better determine the scope of the problem:


- Coming home at irregular times

- You notice that someone is often awake in the middle of the night

- Strangers visit your home, often staying until late

- You frequently are hung up on when you answer the phone

- Bottles of alcohol seem to be disappearing from your home

- Your loved one has too many sick days or late to work days

- The bathroom is unavailable for long periods of time

- Increasing frequency of leaving the home and returning

- You smell alcohol in the house early in the day

- You’re asked to loan money more and more often

- Loans are rarely returned

- You notice beds are no longer made, laundry is not done, clothes are not put away, etc.

- Your loved one skips dinner more and more often

- Trips to the store or errands increase

- Isolation in the bedroom increases

- Erratic behavior

- Drinking on a daily basis


California Recovery is an alcohol and drug rehab that currently has seven houses and 75 beds located in Costa Mesa and Santa Ana Heights. They will gladly provide any woman a bed for the night without charge! Court-directed men and women from Probation, Parole and Drug Court are welcome at California Recovery’s alcohol and drug rehab.


Whether you’re looking for a program that lasts from 10 days or up to one year, California Recovery offers both residential and outpatient treatment. The primary purpose of treatment at CR Alcohol and drug rehab is to help you or your loved one stay sober. Currently they offer a one-year program expanded into five additional houses which serve women and men in their first steps in recovery.


All 30 staff members of California Recovery’s alcohol and drug rehab are graduates of their recovery program. They have experienced everything that even the newest resident will experience while recovering from addiction. The staff will teach newcomers how to build a defense against alcohol and drugs. The highly competent staff at California Recovery includes counselors, managers at three levels, intake coordinators and directors for both the men’s and women’s programs.


Contact the best alcohol and drug rehab in the area. California Recovery is also one of the most affordable places around. Call 888-941-9048 for more information. You’ll be so glad you made that initial connection that will lead to recovery.


Alcohol Drug Rehab
California Recovery
2028 Fullerton Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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Alcohol Drug Rehab Alcohol Drug Rehab