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Alcohol Rehab Program

Alcohol Rehab Program

Are you looking for an alcohol rehab program in the Southern California region? California Recovery is an affordable option for treatment and has helped more than 5,000 men and women find their road to recovery. You won’t find a more affordable and effective treatment center in all of SoCal.


The treatment program at California Recovery is built on the concept of one addict helping another. They provide a complete solution that includes Detox, Residential Treatment, Transitional Living and long-term Sober Living.


- Detox. Many of the residents who come to California Recovery’s alcohol rehab program arrive still suffering from the ravages of addiction. Detoxification is not only physically challenging but can be quite frightening for the individual who is preparing to enter treatment. California Recovery offers non-medical detox services that are fully supervised by a compassionate and knowledgeable staff.


- The intense Residential Treatment program at California Recovery is a highly-structured 90 day program where residents will receive counseling and support for their addiction. It is here where they will be introduced to a 12-step program. Residential Treatment includes; Individual therapy, group therapy, 12-step meetings, educational lectures, exercise therapy, yoga and medication, Art therapy and more.


- Sober Living is available as part of California Recovery’s alcohol rehab program. For most recovering alcoholics and addicts, treatment alone is not sufficient to integrate into society. A transitional period is also necessary to help clients continue to live in a structured environment while receiving the support they need from other men and women in recovery. Sober Living is the second phase in treatment continuum.


- Living Sober is the next step in the recovery phase. During treatment, everyday life responsibilities are removed or greatly cushioned. As residents become ready to acclimate back into society, they gradate into the Living Sober phase. Here they will stay with other strong, sober men and women who offer fellowship and support during this most difficult time when the challenges of everyday life can seem insurmountable. 


Living Sober is part of the alcohol rehab program specifically designed for residents who are ready to demonstrate their freedom and ability to accept more responsibility, still providing that safe, supportive home environment. Residents in Living Sober are subject to curfew and random drug testing along with mandatory meeting attendance. They are expected to behave like upstanding citizens in the recovery community and exemplary employees in their workplaces.


As Living Sober residents begin to gain financial independence they are encouraged to open bank account, balance check books and begin to repay any past debts that they may have incurred. Many residents remain in recovery for a year or longer, spending the end of their time in the alcohol rehab program in a Living Sober home. This phase completes a resident’s foundation as they return to society to live lives free of addiction.


For more information about the drug and alcohol rehab program at California Recovery, please go online to california-recovery.com or call 888-941-9048.


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Alcohol Rehab Program Alcohol Rehab Program