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California Drug Rehab

California Drug Rehab

California Recovery is an alcohol and drug rehab center in Southern California offering affordable treatment for addiction recovery. If you or a loved one is looking for a treatment center, don’t hesitate to call. 


California Recovery offers a wide range of programs to support their residents. Family support is second to none at CR. Their family support group is offered for family members to get help of their own. Alcohol is often a family disease because the entire family suffers because of alcoholism. In the program, family members will learn about tough love and tough boundaries. Through these two effective tools the alcoholic will not be allowed to keep a haven at home for drinking.


Family members will also learn how to make a contract with the alcoholic, instead of simply listening to promises to never drink again. They learn how to refuse the requests of borrowing the car, borrowing money, providing a haven to return to after a binge, and opening up their home to unknown friends. In short, they will learn how to better support recovery rather than drinking.


One of the first stages of entering California Recovery’s drug rehab program is detoxification. The word ‘detox’ can be alarming and frightening to an addict. They are asked to stop using drugs today when tomorrow seems like a better option to them. In the first hour of detox, residents discover that California Recovery’s unique program provides a welcoming and safe place for them to detox.


Residents who are surrounded by sober staff and residents 24 hours a day can find a way to let to. If a resident insists on a medical detox, California Recovery will accommodate that request on a case by case basis when it is supported by the family. Doctors are on call for this purpose. Even so, residents increasingly come to believe that it will be easier, shorter and less dangerous for them if they stay within the guidelines of the program, progressing naturally through the stages of recovery like the other addicts who are succeeding in staying sober by starting day one out drug-free.


Even though drugs can leave the body in a matter of a few short days, the obsession can continue for a long time. This makes the recovery program essential for the resident to achieve success. California Recovery’s drug rehab center follows the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, since it’s the 12-step program that has proven to be the most successful, and continues to offer this proof after 75 years. 


Every resident has a big brother or sister and a sponsor who offer continuous support that is so essential for newcomers. Without this supervision, a resident can turn back to the obsession or drugs or alcohol almost immediately.


It is not enough to stop using drugs or alcohol. A treatment program is essential to provide the necessary elements to breaking the addiction and integrating successfully back into society. To learn more about California Recovery’s Alcohol and drug rehab treatment program, please go online to california-recovery.com, or to speak with someone in person feel free to call 888-941-9048. You’re not alone! Call now.

California Drug Rehab
California Recovery
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California Drug Rehab California Drug Rehab