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Drug Alcohol Rehab California

Drug Alcohol Rehab California

There’s only one drug and alcohol rehab center in California that is affordable and can offer you a complete continuum of care that starts with detox and continues through the first year of sobriety in Sober Living. California Recovery offers a complete treatment option for drug and alcohol recovery.


- Detox. The treatment program at California Recovery starts with Detox. They provide their clients with a safe and comfortable place to physically withdraw from the substances they’ve been using. All clients will be closely supervised 24 hours a day during the detox process by registered staff members with a goal or detoxing to prepare to enter residential treatment.


The intensive residential program at the drug and alcohol rehab in California offers a highly-structured 90 day program, during which time residents will receive quality counseling and support for their addictions. It is here where they will be introduced to a 12-step program. The recovery program includes:


- Individual Therapy in both formal and informal environments. 

- Group Therapy offers a valuable treatment option as residents learn to share their experiences, their hopes and dreams for staying sober. 

- 12-step meetings provide fellowship and create a strong bond between members. This offers a much needed routine for those who have lived for some time without rules or regulations. 

- Educational lectures are important to residential treatment as they fill the gap between what the resident thinks he knows and what is real.

- Exercise therapy for the resident is an integration of group walks and group activities on a daily basis to help detox the body of the damages caused by the drug and alcohol use.

- Yoga/meditation. Yoga and dance are optional; meditation is a daily requirement in this drug and alcohol rehab in California, and an important way to start each day. 

- Art Therapy offers more than just art. It can often turn into a singing hour or become yoga. The art instructor is interested, inspiring and flexible in working with residents at California Recovery.


For most recovering addicts and alcoholics, residential treatment is not enough to keep their feet on the right path. Successful integration into society often requires a transitional period to allow a continuation of living in a structured environment. The support received from other men and women in recovery is so vital to on-going success. After completing Residential Treatment, residents tradition into Sober Living as a second phase in their treatment continuum.


California Recovery’s drug and alcohol rehab in Southern California offers the following benefits:


- 30 to 90 Day Residential Treatment

- Structured Program

- Group Counseling

- Individual Counseling

- Located Close to 12-Step Meetings, Stores & Work Opportunities

- Located Close to Beaches and Parks

- Sober Softball & Volleyball Teams

- Beautiful Sober Living Homes

- Puppy Therapy

- Intervention Services

- Family Groups

- Large Alumni Association


For more information, please call California Recovery at 888-941-9048 or visit online at california-recovery.com, where you’ll find a wealth of information so you can get the help you need. Don’t hesitate to contact California Recovery.

Drug Alcohol Rehab California
California Recovery
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Drug Alcohol Rehab California Drug Alcohol Rehab California