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Detox Rehab Program

We understand that many residents may come to our program still suffering from the ravages of addiction. Detoxification is not only physically challenging, but quite frightening for the individual preparing to enter treatment. California Recovery offers non-medical detox services, supervised by a compassionate and knowledgeable staff.

Throughout the detox process, residents are supervised 24-hours a day in a safe, comfortable environment. Our experienced staff are supported by licensed therapist and counselors. We also have a medical doctor on-call who can provide necessary services.

Our goal is to help residents move through the initial detoxification process, so they are mentally and physically prepared for our Residential Treatment program.

The word “detox” can be alarming if not frightening. The addict is asked to stop using drugs today. Tomorrow seems like a better day. Somehow we must help now. In the first hour, our residents discover that our program provides a welcoming and safe place to be.

The first step in detox is to find a way to “let go.” Surrounded by sober staff and residents 24 hours a day is the answer. Sometimes the residents will insist on a medical detox and we can accommodate that request on a case by case basis when supported by the family. We have doctors on call for this purpose. However, our residents increasingly come to believe it will be easier, shorter and less dangerous (of begining and new addiction) if they stay with our program, and do things the “old fasioned” way like the other alcoholics and addicts who are succeeding in staying sober by starting day one out drug free.

Of course some clients come to us once they have finished a medical detox, and they start the same way, from day one. While the drugs and alcohol leave the body in a matter of days, the ” obsession” can continue for a long time. This is where a program of recovery becomes most important. We follow the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous as it is the original 12 step program and has been working for people “one day at a time” for over 75 years. Every resident has a big brother or sister as well as a sponsor. This kind of continuous support is essential for newcomers. Without constant supervision they can turn almost instantly back to the “obsession” of drugs and alcohol. These are all important phases of detox rehab program. It is not enough to stop using drugs and alcohol; the real agony comes from relapsing over and over again. In detox the residents learn that stopping is not enough, staying stopped is the goal. It begins with Detox both mentally and physically.

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