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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program California

The path to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse is a journey that requires immense amounts of commitment, dedication, mental strength and professional help and support. Joining a reliable and reputed alcohol and drug rehab center is just the first step towards this journey. Living a sober, healthy life even after the rehab program demands lifelong commitment, discipline and hard work. At California Living, we help people to not only come out of alcohol dependency and drug abuse, but also encourage them to continue a healthy life afterwards and in future.

We have been working relentlessly as an affordable Southern California drug and alcohol rehab center for past several years and have helped more than 5000 men and women on their path to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Our drug and alcohol rehab program is a comprehensive and intense process that includes several key aspects:

Intake & Screening

Every drug and alcohol rehab program in California has this initial step that helps in ascertaining the stage, severity, and history of drug abuse and alcohol dependency. Individuals may be required to undergo some diagnostic tests and screenings or interviews and are also made aware of the extent of their problem through drug intervention.

It is at this stage that we determine how best to leverage our rehab program and treatment plan to suit the needs of an individual.


Prolonged use of drugs or alcohol makes a person physically dependent on the substance. Any abrupt quitting may lead to withdrawal syndrome that can in some cases be life threatening as well. Detoxification or detox is the process of eliminating all traces of drugs and/or alcohol from the body, while managing the symptoms of withdrawal. Successful detoxification at a drug treatment center is a necessary prerequisite to enter into the treatment phase. An individual can be prepared for detox phase through an effective drug intervention program.

Detoxification is the biggest hurdle on the path to recovery and requires professional support. At California Recovery, experienced and trained staff supervises the residents undergoing detox process 24/7 in a safe and comfortable environment. Support is provided by licensed therapists counselors and medical ‘on call’ doctors.

Residential Treatment Program

Our residential drug and alcohol rehab program in California is a 30 to 90 days intensive program wherein individuals after getting through the initial detox continue to receive support and counseling to overcome their addictive behavior once and for all. The program includes formal and informal therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, 12-step meetings, exercise/yoga/meditation, puppy therapy, art therapy, educational and inspirational lectures, etc. to encourage residents to move on with their lives without relapsing to alcohol and drug abuse.

Rehab Aftercare

Even after a successful rehab program, it takes time for an individual to re-integrate or get back to society and mainstream. This is where aftercare comes into the picture. California Recovery offers two phases as part of drug and alcohol rehab aftercare program – Sober Living and Living Sober.

  • Sober Living

    – Residents continue to live in a controlled treatment environment under expert supervision and get peer support from recovery community. Residents need to follow a curfew and find a job ideal for their recovery and joining mainstream.

  • Living Sober

    – This is the final step before facing the real, outside world. Individuals who are ready to re-acclimate into society continue to live in company of strong and sober men and women who provide necessary support and fellowship that prepare them to face everyday challenges and hardships.

Get in touch with us if you are looking for an affordable and reliable Southern California Alcohol and Drug Rehab treatment center. Take the first step; we will do the rest!