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How to Spot an Addict

Addicts aren’t always easy to spot. They are ruled by the addiction, and, because of this, they tend to be masters at manipulating people into believing there isn’t any real issue at hand. This makes it extremely difficult to tell whether the person has an actual addiction or if they are just using more than you would like. However, there are some glaring hallmarks of addiction that any Southern California detox center would instantly recognize as addictive behavior.

Avoid Places Where Addiction Can’t be Fed

Consider that addiction is so strong that it often overrides even the most basic survival instinct. Therefore, it has no problem helping people make decisions about where they will and won’t go. If someone you know actively avoids places simply because they can’t feed the addiction there, it’s a sure sign that there is an addiction. For example, if you suspect someone is an alcoholic and they will only go to dinner with you at places where alcohol is served, and nowhere else, they probably truly are addicted to alcohol.

Mood Swings

Everyone has mood swings from time to time, but, for the addict, those mood swings are often controlled by whether they have had their “fix” or not. When there is no other reason for the mood swing that you can see, try to learn whether they have had their fix. The answer then lies in the question.

Effects on Life

Addiction is a greedy monster and will take everything it can from a person. That means everything from a family life, to multiple jobs, and even personal hygiene. Compare the lifestyle of the person now that they are using to the person they were before they used. Significant changes could be signs of addiction.

As any of the rehab centers in Southern California can tell you, addiction is a jealous mistress that leaves room for nothing else in life. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, contact California Recovery today at 888-941-9048.