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Living Sober

For many in recovery, life on life’s terms is a difficult adjustment. During treatment, the responsibilities of everyday life are removed or somewhat cushioned. But as our residents are ready to re-acclimate into society, they graduate into our Living Sober phase. Here they live with other strong, sober men and women in recovery who provide fellowship and support as they tackle everyday challenges. For those still new in recovery, these challenges can seem insurmountable.
The Living Sober phase of our program is specifically designed for residents who are ready for more freedom and have the ability to accept more responsibility, but still need a safe, supportive home environment. Residents in our Living Sober homes are still subject to a curfew, random drug testing and must attend a minimum of four meetings a week. They are expected to be upstanding citizens in the recovery community and exemplary employees in their places of employment. During this phase our residents learn the value of a hard day’s work, of showing up on time and being consistent. They learn the importance of establishing balance as they juggle responsibilities between work, social life and commitment to their program.
Living Sober residents begin to gain financial independence; they open bank accounts, balance check books and begin to repay past debts. Residents begin to re-establish relationships with loved ones and family members, who may have been distant during the treatment and rehabilitation process. Many of our residents stay in the California Recovery a year or longer, spending the end of their time with us in a Living Sober home. The Living Sober phase completes a resident’s foundation as they embark on their journey in recovery.