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Men’s Treatment Programs such as California Recovery are very successful.
The California Recovery Men’s Treatment Program begins with learning how to “behave better than we feel.” The men of California Recovery bond very quickly and many help each other get jobs, after they acclimate to the first 30 days of the program.

The first stage operates much like a college classroom. Groups range from Relapse Prevention and Anger Management to Big Book Studies and Speaker Meetings. These men learn that relapse is a pattern that can be broken. They learn that the past is past: they need never experience it again.

The 12 steps they learn are based on spiritual principles as well as practical models for behavior. In the first steps they learn the most about themselves and realize how they must change their way of thinking and living. The latter steps give them a daily routine that helps them stay sober. They learn that the problem is not stopping the use of drugs and alcohol but staying stopped. They learn how to build a defense against the first drink or drug.

Men also learn about themselves in relationships, that they have primarily been selfish and self-centered. Several meetings during the week focus on another alcoholic’s story, sometimes a newcomer. This is a chance to hear from one another, to see similarities, and to see what they have to offer one another.

At California Recovery Men’s Program, nearly 90% of our residents come from referrals, other family or friends who found sobriety here. Sober men are strong men, and California Recovery earns its reputation for building men of character and integrity. These are men who have learned to work in the community, who show up on time, and who give a good day’s work. Responsibility and accountability are values men develop here.

Our residents in the California Recovery Men’s Program also learn how to have “sober” fun. We boast a sober softball team, which senior residents can try out for, and all residents are encouraged to play volleyball or flag football during weekly recreation outings. Whether the men are at the fair, enjoying surf retreats, or relaxing at California Recovery’s mountain retreat, they have a good time in sobriety.

Fellowship in the Men’s Program is very strong. Senior residents are big brothers to newcomers. Together, they transition through treatment and into sober living. They go to outside meetings, conventions and other events together. The alumni event each summer draws up to 300 alumni who come to celebrate their recovery. The sober fellowship at California Recovery provides the hope which guides many newcomers through the early, tough periods they face during treatment.