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Our Programs

California Recovery offers our clients a complete continuum of care starting with detox and continuing through the first year of sobriety in sober living.


Detox Provides our clients with a safe and comfortable place to physically withdraw from the substances they have been using. Clients will be supervised 24 hours a day by registered staff members. The goal of detox is to prepare the client to enter residential treatment.

Residential Treatment:

Residential Treatment is the next step after detox. During this phase clients will build a foundation for long term sobriety. Clients will build a mental defense against the first drink by identifying triggers and developing coping skills.

Sober Living:

Sober Living provides supervised housing for clients who choose to stay with us after completing residential treatment. Clients also have to option of attending outpatient treatment through our sister company Yellowstone Recovery while in sober living.

Living Sober:

Clients in Living Sober homes are those clients who have proven they are ready to live life on life’s terms. There is very little structure outside a mandatory weekly meeting. Each Living Sober home has a live in staff member that is present to enforce curfew and random testing of the clients in the house.

California Recovery Our Men’s Program:

California Recovery is our men’s program that opened in 2002 when men saw the success we were having in working with women. They were struggling to get sober and knew that the program we provided could help them as it had women. We opened our doors and since then over 5000 men and women have come through our doors and completed our program.

Yellowstone Recovery Our Women’s Program:

Yellowstone Recovery is our women’s program that opened in 1997. This program started as a free 10 day program which later became a full 90-day private pay program because it showed higher success rates for long term sobriety.