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The Cost of Addiction

When you think of the cost of addiction, whether you’re an addict or not, you probably think in terms of numbers. However, every Southern California drug rehab center will tell you that the financial cost is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other costs that can’t be recovered or repaired.


The most significant cost of addiction is the loss of self-worth. The addict knows that something is wrong, and they don’t feel good about it. Rather than treat the addiction, they often take their pain out on those closest to them. This often leads to another cost of addiction, which is the loss of loved ones.

Loss of Loved Ones

Whether they want to be understanding or not, people who have a healthy view of themselves are only going to subject themselves to any form of abuse for a limited time. Whether that form of abuse is neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, or any other activity which might harm another person, eventually those people will remove themselves from the situation. Sometimes even after the addiction is treated, the abuse was so bad that some loved ones can never see the addict in a loving light again.


From losing loved ones to losing concern about hygiene, money, or employment, the lifestyle of an addict inevitably changes to do one thing: feed the addiction. Eventually, nothing else matters.

Really, there is no end to the cost of addiction. It is the personal loan that keeps adding interest. Rehab centers in Southern California can help addicts recover some things, like self-worth and maybe their lifestyle, but there are some things that may never be repaid in full.