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The Dangers of Underage Drinking

There are most definitely more risks involved in underage drinking than there are in drinking as an adult. From the mind and body of the youth, to the details of cognitive processing, there is a vast difference between the two. The impact may not even end once the minor reaches adulthood, and they may find themselves residing in an alcohol rehab in Orange County as a result.

Cognitive Development

During the teen years, the frontal lobe is going through major developmental changes. This is where much of the decision-making takes place in the brain, which is one reason why teens don’t always make the best choices. The use of alcohol can delay and even impair the development of this area of the brain. In some cases it even stops the development, or slows it down so much that the individual continues to make decisions based on the developmental stage they were in as a teen.

Early Habits

The younger someone is when they start drinking, the more likely they are to develop a habit, or at least patterns of drinking on certain occasions. Basically, this is the fast track to alcoholism at an early age.


As mentioned earlier, the frontal lobe is still developing, so risky behavior is already more likely for teens than adults. Add to that a lack of experience and intoxication by alcohol, and you have a recipe for disaster. These are the individuals who will take more chances and who may do things like operate a motor vehicle when impaired.

Not every rehab in Orange County will accept minors, but some will. If someone you know is underage and has the potential to be involved in underage drinking, it might be a good idea to contact a professional to learn ways that you can prevent this behavior.

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