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Top 5 Most Dangerous Drugs

It’s not easy to identify the top 5 most dangerous drugs because, when they are misused, all drugs become dangerous. Is death the most dangerous thing that can happen, or is living with an addiction or disability caused by drug use the most dangerous thing? Rehab centers in California would list numbers that can demonstrate that, in many ways, the drugs listed below are the most dangerous to the individual, as well as society in general.

1. Alcohol: The most dangerous drug is likely alcohol. It’s dangerous because of the addiction it can lead to, but also because it is so easy to access and, in some cases, is demonstrated by the media to be something you should use to be recognized as successful in many circles. Alcohol can destroy the lives of the user and those around him or her, but it can also lead to eventual death.

2. Morphine: Morphine comes in many forms, from hospital injections to patches and heroin. Morphine causes a sense of euphoria that basically eliminates any knowledge of pain. The addiction is so severe that it takes less than a day for the withdrawal symptoms to set in, and those symptoms are so painful that the addict seeks out the drug to relieve the sickness more than to enjoy the high.

3. Cocaine: Cocaine is one of those drugs that was once seen as the rich man’s drug, making it something that people sought out if they wanted to be seen in a certain light. The buzz lasts less than an hour, so the addict is constantly feeding the addiction. The crash is so extreme that even first-time users may seek out other drugs to relieve that particular misery.

4. Methamphetamine: With a 98% addiction rate, meth is easily one of the most dangerous drugs. While other drugs take time to cultivate an addiction, this one is almost immediate. Because it hits the pleasure centers in the brain so hard, it basically overworks the brain to the point of not being able to experience pleasure at all, sending the addict back for some sense of lost hope.

5. Crack cocaine: Crack cocaine is another form of cocaine, but, instead of sniffing it, people smoke it so that it doesn’t just destroy the brain, but the lungs and other areas as well. Almost as addictive as meth, some people can never turn away from it.

If you suspect someone you love is using any of the chemicals mentioned above, consider taking them to a drug rehab. California has many rehab centers that offer assessments to help you determine how bad the problem has gotten and to find ways to hopefully conquer the addiction once and for all.