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What is an Intervention?

You may have seen some of the intervention shows that were recorded over the years. Maybe you wondered exactly what an intervention was and if it could apply to your situation. The truth of the matter is that an intervention can be used whenever steps need to be taken to create a deliberate change, usually with someone who is harming themselves or others in some way.

Use Professionals

This method usually works best when a professional is helping you. Otherwise, the whole thing can spiral out of control and get off topic, or those participating can be manipulated and made to feel guilty. Many rehab centers in California are willing to offer the services of a professional to guide the loved ones in this process.

How Does It Work?

An intervention involves direct confrontation of the individual in question. Sometimes, that means they are led to believe that one thing is happening, for the sake of getting them to the location where the intervention will take place. Then someone who was previously chosen to do so will lead the intervention by explaining what the problem is and what the options are.

To reinforce the message behind the intervention with love and assertion, loved ones are encouraged to write down how the behavior of the person involved has impacted their lives. At the same time, those people will reassure the individual in question that they still care for them, but can no longer enable the existing behavior.

At the end of the intervention, the individual is normally given the option of doing something like going to a Southern California detox center. They can then choose to go to the center, or go on as they were, without the assistance of those involved.