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What Is Mixed Drug Intoxication?

Though people do commonly come to a rehab in Orange County because of an overdose, mixed drug intoxication and its impact is also a common factor in entry into rehab. Though they are both dangerous events, it’s important to know the difference between the two.

Overdose vs. Mixed Drug Intoxication

The definition of an overdose is fairly obvious. When someone takes more of a chemical than their body can handle, they have overdosed. In some cases, it can even happen on accident. For example, when someone is under the influence of some type of chemical, they may not realize they have already taken the maximum amount of a chemical, and end up taking more. In other cases, the effects aren’t as strong as they had hoped, so they take more to try to increase the effects.

Mixed drug intoxication isn’t so much about the amount of a chemical taken, but about the interactions of the chemicals with others, or the opposing impacts that they have on the body. Unfortunately, many people end up in a rehab in Orange County after a trip to the emergency room occurs as a result of mixed drug intoxication.

Risks of Mixed Drug Intoxication

There are several risks associated with mixed drug intoxication, including death. It’s impossible to identify all potential scenarios, because there are so many chemicals available, but you can see the effects with one example.

Two of the most commonly mixed chemicals are also two of the most common chemicals that are used and available: marijuana and alcohol. Alcohol is a poison to the body, but the liver is able to filter some of that poison out. When it can’t, the body reacts by purging itself of the alcohol, usually by causing the person to vomit. Marijuana suppresses nausea. When the alcohol cannot be purged from the body, this leads to alcohol poisoning, which can sometimes be fatal.

As you can see, combining these two drugs—or any drugs, for that matter—can have disastrous consequences.

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