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Why Is Heroin so Dangerous?

The dangers of heroin can’t be stressed enough. Drug rehab centers in Southern California offer some in-depth information to concerned families, but it helps to get an idea of how serious the drug is so that you can make the right call and get help for you or your loved one. It isn’t just about addiction, either, but a whole score of issues.

Heroin and Opiates in General

Heroin is an opiate. As such, it has the effect of slowing down both circulation and breathing in the body. It also suppresses the ability for the body to communicate pain signals to the brain, all of which make opiates effective painkillers. When it comes to these factors alone, remember that medical professionals prescribe specific doses based on height, weight, and existing medical issues. When it comes to heroin use, there is no way to regulate the amount safely because you don’t even know how much actual heroin is in the package, and don’t have the training to know how to safely regulate opiate use.

Indirect Dangers

It isn’t even just about the heroin, but how it is used, and what it is mixed with. Pure heroin is almost unheard of, so that means it is always cut with something else. At the same time, when dealers want to get you hooked, they offer the purest form they have available. That means you never have any idea exactly what you are putting into your body, or how much of it. Then there is the risk of sharing needles and using different methods, like skin popping, all of which come with their own dangers.

For more detailed information on heroin addiction and the dangers of heroin use, contact a professional treatment center that can offer detailed information today.

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