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Yellowstone Recovery

Yellowstone Recovery has been helping women get sober for over 17 years. Our program started with one house.

yellowstone recoveryWhen Alcoholics Anonymous began, over 70 years ago, women were always welcome in AA meetings. Yet even 20 years ago, women in Southern California had the nearly impossible task of finding a recovery center specifically for women. Today men still outnumber women in recovery centers, but finally women have somewhere to go. Women’s recovery programs, like Yellowstone Recovery, tend to be small but strongly supported through the fellowship of sober women. The number of women in jails and prisons has also increased dramatically, and many of them are accepting recovery programs as an alternative sentence.

As women are becoming more honest and open about their struggles with addictions, they are beginning to seek treatment in programs like Yellowstone Recovery to find a fellowship which surrounds them with recovery. Drugs and alcohol are no longer an indicator of “good times,” and the State of California has imposed significant consequences for drug Possession and Driving under the influence.

Yellowstone Recovery A Solution For Women

Yellowstone Recovery, and later California Recovery, have helped over 5000 women and men during the past 17 years. These women have come from homes, high-powered careers, from jail or even from the streets. The disease of addiction does not discriminate. Through individualized treatment programs, these women learn how to stay sober and clean.

yellowstone recovery for womenWomen also learn how to be friends to one another. As women get sober, they discover self respect and values, which have been missing for a long time. They learn how to work with others, instead of compete with them.

Women can change their lives at Yellowstone Recovery. As they get sober they have the desire to rediscover their values and morals, to feel whole again, to feel honest, to become a program of attraction as a sober woman. They can become self-supporting through their own contributions. They can realize their visions instead of their fantasies. Some go back to work; Some find new careers; Some are reunited with their families. All of them progress.

Yellowstone Recovery offers treatment which is the solution for women afflicted by drugs and alcohol. Those in active addiction tend to behave as though there are no rules, or the rules don’t apply to them. Women forget courtesy, kindness, tolerance, respect, or even good manners. In treatment, women learn to behave better than they feel, to help other women, to treat other women as they would treat themselves. Women thrive in drug treatment programs as they learn how to stay sober. With a 90-day program, followed by transitional sober living, women can focus on the principles of the 12 steps of recovery, getting a sponsor, going to meetings. They can begin to change their lives by applying the principles of recovery in everything they do. Yellowstone Recovery helps change lives for the better.